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Discover the power of holistic babywearing support, where you'll go beyond just learning to use a carrier and discover how babywearing can transform your life.

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I believe that we can transform the journey of motherhood.

As a babywearing consultant, it is my honor to help expecting mothers prepare for motherhood beyond the registry with mindset shifts and practical tools to develop a less stressful, more fulfilling motherhood.

I believe that mothers deserve more than the martyrdom, platitudes, and self-diminishing messages they get from all directions.

My courses & services will help you define your authentic journey and understand how incorporating babywearing into your life as a parent will have a ripple effect throughout your life. 

It's so much more than just another baby product!





Immerse yourself in holistic babywearing tips and know-howwith my blog, curated for the expecting mother. Prepare yourself for the transformative journey of motherhood, stand strong in the face of uncertainty, and preserve your authenticity. Discover babywearing strategies to rise above overwhelm, nurture yourself, and foster joyous, transformative change. 

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"Elise actively listened to my questions and concerns, addressing each one with care and understanding. Her genuine interest in my journey as a  parent was evident."

Marian G.

"I don’t think I’ve been this happy since before my first pregnancy, honestly. It has been an absolute game changer for me, and I cannot thank Elise enough!"

Catherine R.

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