2 Steps to Carrier Clarity: How to Choose the Perfect Baby Carrier

babywearing postpartum pregnancy registry Dec 11, 2023

When it comes to choosing a carrier, the maze of options out there can be really daunting.

There are countless brands, styles, fabrics, and colors out there - not to mention all the marketing, influencers, and well-meaning friends and family chiming in with their opinions!


The process of choosing a carrier for your family really has two main phases, which can be broken down into simple steps and repeated as you explore different carriers.


Here’s how to get started.


Phase 1: Choose a Carrier


When deciding which carrier to try, most parents turn to the internet.


And while finding the most popular carrier on Instagram right now or buying the carrier at the top of all the “Best Baby Carriers of 2023” might seem like a good idea, it often doesn’t work out that way.


Carriers are super personal. Body type, personal taste, flexibility & strength, baby’s size & proportions, fabric/touch sensitivities, ethics and values, and lifestyle all play a role in what carrier will feel “just right” - and it’s different for everybody. 


Take the time to really think through these things before you even begin looking at carriers.

What do you envision doing with your baby daily, weekly, for trips or holidays?

What are your values as a person and family, and how might babywearing fit into and facilitate those?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your choices to those that are more likely to be the right fit for YOU.


Phase 2: Evaluating a Carrier


To narrow down your options, you have to think big picture - but once you’re ready to evaluate a specific carrier, it’s time to go small.


The magic here is in the nitty-gritty details, but not all details will matter to everyone, which is why the first step is so crucial.

Whether you’re researching online or trying a carrier out in person (highly recommend you do this whenever possible!), here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Do I like the look and feel of this carrier?
  • Does it feel intimidating to use, or do I feel confident learning it?
  • Does it feel comfortable on my body?
  • Would I feel comfortable putting my baby in it without help from a partner?
  • Does it provide support for my body? For my baby?
  • Will it last as my child grows, or is it best for one particular age/stage? Am I ok with that?
  • Do I want to use this for other children, now or in the future?
  • Where would I want to use this carrier? Where would I NOT want to use it?
  • Does my partner like this carrier (if applicable)? Do I want to share it with them or other caregivers?
  • Does the company/brand/retailer provide educational resources and support? (BEWARE of scams and counterfeit carriers!)
  • Does this carrier fit my budget? If not, what features would I be willing to sacrifice to find a carrier that costs less?
  • Am I willing to buy this used, or would I want it to be new?


Once you’ve gone through some of these questions, you should have a pretty good pro/con list that’s specific to you and your circumstances.

If you’ve fallen in love with the carrier, and the cons aren’t deal-breakers for you, congratulations!

If you’re unsure or have found important drawbacks you’re not willing to compromise on, you can use this insight to help decide which carrier to try next.


When you use this method, you eliminate the “shooting in the dark” feeling of buying a baby carrier.

You move past the marketing mumbo jumbo and paid collaborations and get to the root of what will be best for YOU.

And most importantly, you save yourself time AND money by making sure that you invest in a carrier that will be the right fit for your family - one that you will feel good about using every day with your child.


Still not sure where to start, or need some guidance working through your decision between carriers? I offer 1-1 consultations where you can streamline this process, with expert guidance, a curated selection of carriers, and easy-to-digest demonstrations to make your next carrier purchase a total breeze


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