Baby on Board: Top Tips to Make Babywearing Travel a Breeze

babywearing holiday travel winter Nov 11, 2023

If you're a new parent, the idea of traversing through bustling airports with a little one in tow can be intimidating. But the simplest solution could be staring you right in the face - your baby carrier! Whether you'll be taking mass transit, a road trip, or traveling by plane, a baby carrier is a great way to add some stability for your little one (and freedom for you at the same time) while you travel. 


Why Babywearing is a Travel Game-Changer


Imagine gliding through airport terminals with your baby snuggled close, their heartbeat in sync with yours. It’s not only a bonding experience but a practical one too. Baby carriers make transporting infants or toddlers seamless, keeping their personal space guarded, and can be a comforting constant in unfamiliar settings. Naps on the go become much simpler, and you can even nurse or bottle feed your child while on the move if you need to.


For further insights, especially as the festive season is around the corner, you might appreciate this article on the benefits of babywearing during the holidays.

Why Choose a Baby Carrier Over a Stroller for Travel?


Traveling light is always a mantra for seasoned travelers. But when you're a new mom, you might feel that's out of reach. Thankfully, baby carriers can significantly reduce your travel load, proving to be an even more efficient choice than strollers in certain situations. Here's why:


Versatility and Freedom
Airports, train stations, and bus terminals often have long corridors, stairs, and crowded spaces. Maneuvering a stroller through these can be cumbersome. With a baby carrier, you can walk unhindered, ensuring your baby is close and secure. If your destination will include dirt, gravel, or cobblestone paths, I can’t even tell you how annoying those are in a stroller - but you won’t think twice with a baby carrier.


Space Saving
Baby carriers take up minimal space. No need to check them in or wait by the conveyor belt. They fit snugly into your handbag or carry-on, ready for use whenever needed. Ever rushed to try to fold your stroller while hauling your carry on in one hand and your baby in the other? Try it, and then imagine doing that with a crowd of people staring at you and a voice over the speaker reminding you it's time to board. It sucks.


Comfort for Baby
Travel can be overwhelming for our little ones. The close contact of a carrier provides them with the comfort of your warmth, heartbeat, and familiar scent, making transitions smoother and travel naps deeper.


Five Expert Tips for Smooth Babywearing Travel


  1. Stick with What You Know: Embarking on a journey isn't the best time to experiment with new carriers. Opt for one you've used before and can wear swiftly and safely.

  2. Light and Compact is the Way to Go: A lightweight carrier that can be easily folded and stored in your handbag or carry-on is gold. Try to find a balance between support and compact design.

  3. Navigating Security Checkpoints: Airport security can be unpredictable when it comes to babywearing. Sometimes they may ask you to remove your baby; sometimes they won't. Avoid carriers with metal parts, like ring slings, to increase your chances of walking through hassle-free.

  4. Plan Your Luggage Logistics: While baby carriers are fantastic for freeing up hands, remember to strategize your other luggage. If you’re considering back carrying your child but also have a car seat backpack, you might need a new game plan.

  5. Ask for help: The journey, though exciting, can be tiring. If you find yourself struggling to place luggage in overhead compartments or need an extra hand to soothe your baby, reach out. Fellow travelers and cabin crew are usually more than willing to assist.

Most of all, don't panic! Especially if you've never traveled with your little one before, it can be really daunting to leave behind all your regular routines and surroundings. Use the baby carrier to ease your burden and keep baby content - and I guarantee they'll surprise you with how resilient they are!


If you don't have a baby carrier yet or don't feel the one you have is the right choice for your trip, you don't need to rush out and buy a new one! Renting a carrier is a great option for trips and can give you an opportunity to try something new for a fraction of the cost - you can rent a wide variety of carriers from Joyful Baby Co, so check it out before your next trip!


Top Baby Carriers for Travel


As a seasoned traveler, mom, and babywearing educator who has voyaged over 40,000 miles with my kids, I've tested a range of carriers. Here are my top picks for travel:


Tula Lite: Ideal for its lightweight design, this carrier can be neatly folded into its pouch, doubling as a hip seat for toddlers. It offers convenient storage pockets but may lack long-duration comfort due to its unstructured design. 


Didymos DidySling (get it from Little Zen One): A top choice barring airport security concerns regarding its metal rings. These slings are versatile, perfect for quick wears, and super packable. They also facilitate seated positions and nursing on-the-go.


Girasol WrapMySol: My personal favorite. It's soft, easy to pack, and versatile. What makes it stand out is its comfort and adaptability, making it suitable for different caregivers and body types, as well as a range of ages for children. 


Traveling with your baby can seem daunting, but with the right tools and mindset, it can turn into a beautiful adventure. Embrace the journey, lean into the challenges, and remember: You got this!


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