Babywearing Twins: Here's What You Need to Know

babywearing expecting newborn postpartum twins Jan 20, 2024

Among the many…many…shocks that come with discovering you are expecting twins, the one I tend to hear about most is this:


“How am I going to manage daily life with two babies?!”


And if you have an older child(ren) already? The anxiety level tends to blow through the roof.


It’s natural that many parents of multiples turn to babywearing to make daily life easier, whether those babies are the same age or not (I’m looking at you, parents of two under two!).


When it comes to wearing two kids at once, there are tons of options to suit every budget and lifestyle - but there are some common panic-driven misconceptions that can lead parents to overspend on twin-specific carriers that they end up regretting.


Here are the top 5 things I wish twin parents knew about babywearing:


  1. You won’t always be wearing both babies

    When you’re preparing for twins, I think sometimes it’s easy to get in the mode of assuming that you will be doing everything with both babies at the same time. Modern registry culture would also have us believe that having twins means you need double of everything. While there are certainly some cases where that’s true, remember that your children will be separate people, with individual needs and differing temperaments. There will be many times when you will only need to wear one child because the other is sleeping or content. You children may have different preferences when it comes to carriers and positions they enjoy. So instead of rushing out right away to buy an expensive twin carrier, consider options that allow for more versatility, like a carrier that can be tied over one or both babies or carriers of different styles that can be worn at the same time.

  2. You don’t have to get a twin carrier

    Building off my last point, I’m just going to come right out and say it - you don’t NEED a twin-specific carrier. Most of the twin carriers out on the market either leave a lot to be desired, are outrageously expensive, or both. If you find one you love and it makes sense for you, go for it. But don’t feel like you have to go with a twin carrier. Parents all over carry their children in different combinations of carriers every day, and sometimes having the versatility of different styles of carriers can make more sense for your body and daily life…and your budget. If possible, work with a babywearing consultant (hi there! I’m here to help) or group to try out different carrier combinations beforehand so you can get an idea of what you like…and what you hate.
    Some of my personal favorite combinations are two ring slings, an onbuhimo and an SSC, a stretchy wrap and an SSC, or a woven wrap tied to accommodate two babies.

  3. Get trustworthy information

    There are countless videos out there on YouTube of proud parents showing off how they carry their twins - and a good many of them are showing techniques that are really unsafe or put the babies in poor positioning. Carrying two babies at once means that not only do you need to abide by the normal rules of babywearing safety (check here if you need a refresher), but there are also some unique considerations that come up. Is you carrier designed to hold the weight of two children? Is it considered safe for use at the weight your babies are at, since twins are often born at a lower birth weight than singletons? Can you adjust the carrier easily around each baby to ensure proper positioning? Do the babies have enough room for their hips and spines to be positioning optimally? Are their faces and airways clear?
    There are a lot of safe, straightforward ways to wear your twins - but just following the lead of any well-meaning parent who makes a video doesn’t mean you’ll be doing right by your babies.
    I got my Twin/Tandem Babywearing specialty certification so that I would know exactly what guidance to provide for parents just like you, so if you have questions or want to know if a tutorial is following best practices, please reach out.

  4. Yes, it’s a bit awkward

    There’s no way around it. Two babies on the front of your body is kind of a pain in the butt sometimes. Reaching around them to get things done, like washing the dishes, may not feel all that practical at first. It’s ok if you don’t love every minute of wearing both babies, and it’s ok if at first you reserve it for skin-to-skin snuggles or nap time. As your babies grow, you’ll have more options to position them in different ways that will free up your range of motion - so don’t give up if it’s a bit awkward at first. If you’re in a position where you really need more range of motion while wearing both babies, there are certain carrier styles that allow you to have one baby in front and one on the back even as newborns - but this is something that you should pursue with the guidance of an experienced babywearing consultant to ensure you and your babies are safe and comfortable.

  5. Your comfort matters

    Having twins will challenge your body and mind in all sorts of ways you might not expect - but that doesn’t mean that your bodily comfort doesn’t matter. Wearing two babies on your body at once is extra weight that you may not be accustomed to carrying, and will use different muscles than you did while pregnant or caring for a singleton. Do yourself a favor and work on your core, shoulder, and chest muscles BEFORE you give birth to give your body a head start. Once you’ve given birth, focusing on recovering your core and perfecting your posture will go a long way to making sure your body is strong and healthy and ready to take on the challenge of carrying your twins. All that being said, there’s no race here. If wearing your children for short bouts every day feels good to you, it’s perfectly fine to start slow - giving yourself time to ease in and grow stronger will only benefit you in the long run. Rushing, pushing too hard, and injuring yourself or your pride will do you no favors. As many twins are born via cesarean birth, your focus should be on recovering your core, pelvic floor, and stability - and if that means you aren’t babywearing 24/7, that’s ok.

When it comes to managing life with twins, babywearing can be a critical parenting intervention - and one that’s best learned as early as possible (preferably before your babies arrive!). Don’t let babywearing be a skill that gets forgotten in the fog and overwhelm of newborn twins. Instead, do what you need to do to practice and feel confident in what you’re doing so that you can use babywearing to make your adjustment to twin-parent life easier - after all, that’s what babywearing is all about!


Remember, YOU are the expert on your body and your babies. Your intuition will tell you when a carrier combination isn’t working for you or your babies, and you’ll likely sense when something isn’t quite right. Lean into those feelings! If something feels wrong, it probably is…and it’s definitely worth checking with an expert.


I’m available for quick questions via email at any time, and also host a donation-based virtual babywearing Q&A session every month for hands on support - take advantage of these resources to make sure you’ve got all the info you need to wear your babies comfortably!



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