Get the Tools For Confidence & Resilience in Motherhood

Tired of scrolling baby registry lists and sample birth plans? Mapping Motherhood provides tools for motherhood that foster growth, flexibility, and confidence. Pre-sign up now for early access to this unique program.

Embrace Your Authentic Motherhood Journey with Mapping Motherhood


Are you an expectant mom lost in a sea of information? Seeking a path that resonates with your personal values? Say goodbye to the overwhelm and second-guessing. Mapping Motherhood is not just a program—it's your compass to discovering and nurturing your own, unique path in motherhood.

What you'll get:

1. Clarity and Confidence: Our program cuts through the information overload, paving the way to a confident and stress-free motherhood experience. Unearth your core values and connect with your intuition, shifting from scattered research to authentic, heartfelt motherhood.

2. Blended Learning Experience: With a mix of online learning modules and live group coaching sessions, you'll gain practical knowledge and experience a community-driven approach to preparing for motherhood.

3. Tailored Tools and Strategies: Mapping Motherhood is rooted in discovering your core values and honing them to foster growth, flexibility, and confidence. We provide tailored tools and strategies that align with your unique journey, allowing you to prepare for your baby in a way that deeply resonates with you.

After this program, you will step away from endless baby registry lists and sample birth plans, and instead, craft a motherhood journey that is truly your own. Join Mapping Motherhood today, and unlock the path to an intuitive, fulfilling motherhood experience.

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