Online Babywearing Consultation

Unlock the Secret to Babywearing Success...Anywhere!

Let's transform your parenting journey together in this come-as-you-are virtual consultation!

What you'll get:

  • A personalized 60-minute session over Zoom tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.
  • Real-time demonstrations and comparisons from my expansive library of carriers, wraps, and slings.
  • Education and resources so you have the knowledge you need to feel confident moving forward.

Note: Appointments are designed for your convenience. Your child doesn't need to be present. Once booked, we'll find a time that fits seamlessly into your schedule.

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What Other Parents Are Saying:

I was able to have all my questions answered and left feeling confident in my decision in which carrier to buy that fit all my needs. Also, after my daughter arrived she was beyond helpful in making sure I had her fitting in my sling properly. I have never felt so confident in my babywearing abilities and it’s all thanks to Elise!

Hattie K.

$65.00 USD

Maximize Your Consultation with an Extended Session

Have complex babywearing needs? Maybe you have a medically complex baby, a child with autism or special needs, or you're a caregiver with mobility concerns. Perhaps you're interested in mastering advanced babywearing techniques or want to include multiple caregivers in your session.

By adding an extra 30 minutes to your consultation, you'll receive ample time to dive deeper into your unique needs and circumstances, ensuring you and your baby achieve the utmost comfort and satisfaction from your babywearing experience. This additional time allows for more personalized guidance, detailed instruction, and hands-on practice, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to navigate any babywearing challenge with confidence.

Maximize your session, enhance your learning, and optimize your babywearing journey with this exclusive offer. Choose the best for your family and add the additional 30 minutes today.

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