Mothers have more strength, power, and passion than society gives us credit for.


We can't afford to settle for the narrative that motherhood = martyrdom.


By approaching motherhood with intention, authenticity, and vulnerability, we can craft a life that brings us true fullfilment.



CBWS certified babywearing consultant, mindset educator, writer, reader, anthropologist, pianist, adventure-seeker, former military spouse, mother of two...I wear a lot of hats.

The long and the short of it is that I'm someone who thrives on learning, often learns her lessons the really hard way, and feels driven to help other mothers get the support they truly need to thrive for their own sake.

I've been through the trenches, ladies, and clawed my way out to build a life I finally feel proud of. And man, do I wish I'd known all this earlier in my journey. That's why I've made it my mission to help YOU and all the other expecting moms out there learn from my mistakes. 

We don't have to feel anxious and overwhelmed all the time. We don't have to make decisions based in fear and shame. We don't have to accept education that doesn't truly prepare us for the realities of birth & motherhood. We don't have to martyr ourselves to our children to be good mothers. We don't have to just power through.

If you're ready to walk away from the stress & burnout and build a motherhood that fulfills, excites, and nourishes your soul, join me!



Like so many women, I dreamed of motherhood from a young age, and always knew it was something I wanted. I never questioned my desire or ability to become a mom. Did I have other dreams? Of course! But becoming a mother always felt like my most important calling. I had this fantasy in me that becoming pregnant and learning to be a mother would somehow help me find myself and become more comfortable in who I was and what I could offer the world.


You can imagine my shock when I became pregnant and realized that it was not some font of confidence, beauty, and self-assurance! Being a natural-born overachiever, over-thinker, over-planner, the wild unpredictability of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood threw me for a loop. I found myself drowning in self-doubt and anxiety, overtaken by bouts of rage at the uncontrollability of my life, and swimming in resentment towards my husband.


I did what mothers do - I carried on. I loved my children. I gritted my teeth and tried to research my way out of chaos. But this looming sense of desperation haunted my motherhood. 


It all came to a head when, several months after the birth of our second child, I asked my husband for a divorce. I had reached what I felt to be the pinnacle of Mount D-O-N-E. Burnt out. Angry. Exhausted. Trapped. Mother f-ing over it. It felt as if the only chance I had to feel like myself again was to burn it all down and start over.


Luckily for me, my husband took a different view of things. Through his tenacity and determination, instead of calling it quits, we took a deep dive into the life we built to see what could be done.

This was the beginning of the hardest and most fulfilling year of my adult life. On the cusp of losing so much of what was important to me, I learned to dive into a self-evaluation and self-awareness that was gritty, raw, complex, and enormously freeing. I got real with myself about the stories, experiences, & expectations that were rotting in the foundation of my life. My husband and I learned to empathize and communicate with each other authentically for the first time. I began to take the small beginning steps to setting boundaries and caring for myself deeply, practicing an honesty and self-compassion that I hadn’t ever truly put into practice before.

The result is this: a life I’m truly proud of. Do we still struggle? Of course! Is motherhood still challenging? Beyond a shadow of a doubt. But I now feel, after all this time, like I wanted to feel in motherhood: like I’ve finally found myself.

When I work with expecting and new mothers, I share the mindset shifts, exercises, and tools that helped me - because I’ve been there. I’ve slogged through the muck of those scariest and most vulnerable inner landscapes, and come out on the other side.


That’s how I know that you can do it too…preferably BEFORE the threat of a total life-implosion. Wherever you’re starting from, whether you’re pregnant with your first child or reaching the brink of mental sanity with your fifth…I can help you find the inner strength and resilience to navigate your journey to motherhood in a way that fulfills your most authentic self.


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Our Mission

At A Mother's Compass, our mission is to guide mothers on an empowering journey of self-discovery and transformation, combating the prevalent issues of maternal anxiety and burnout.

We stand firm in our belief that motherhood should not be weighed down by societal pressures and unattainable expectations, but instead navigated with intuition, authenticity, and consistent self-care.

We provide more than just information - we equip mothers with practical, intellectual, and mindset tools that merge the functional benefits of babywearing with a fresh perspective on intuitive motherhood.

We aim to inspire confidence, cultivate nurturing environments, and foster deep connections within the community of mothers.

Our vision transcends individual support, aiming to instigate a societal shift in how motherhood is perceived and experienced, staunchly advocating for mothers' rights, and challenging harmful narratives.

Through a variety of services including courses, group programs, workshops, personalized coaching, and supportive communities, A Mother's Compass is committed to guiding mothers towards a healthier, more fulfilling, and balanced journey into motherhood.

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